Stays for athletes

The Refugi la Feixa is located at 2160 meters above the sea level. This height greatly encourages athletic training, with multiple offers during summer and winter: hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain skiing, BTT...

Retreats or therapeutic stays

The shelter and its surroundings convey a unique energy. This makes it an ideal place to make a retreat or organize workshops of Taichi, Yoga, Forest Bathing… In addition, you can accompany your stay with vegetarian cuisine if you feel like it.

The Refugi de la Feixa has a special magic. It is not just a place to find food and a roof, but also a shelter for the soul ...

Naturalistic stays

The environment of the shelter enjoys special natural protection, which helps to preserve the wildlife and flora of the high mountains.

This makes the stay easier for biologists, professionals and lovers of nature.

Photographic space

The Refugi de la Feixa offers a magical environment where you can capture unforgettable images and moments.

Apart from photographing the idyllic landscape, and provided that you have patience and a dose of luck, you may be able to portray a wild animal or even enjoy night photography. The absence of light pollution makes it possible for you to fully enjoy your passion!

Visit the Refugi de la Feixa, portray it, live it, share it!


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